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 Beijing electromechanical equipment company is a professional production of various kinds of system power of three-phase asynchronous motor manufacturers, the main products: single-phase dual-value motor, vertical, horizontal motor, three-phase motor induction motor.         Main motor in line with the international IEC standard, products are widely used in metallurgy, electric power, cement, petrochemical, water, rubber and plastic machinery, mining machinery, ship-building, military and other fields, and sold throughout the country, some exported to Southeast Asia, Europe, America and other countries and regions, our customers enjoy a high reputation. Company has the year production (single phase) three-phase induction motor. Restructuring of company products won the ISO9001-2000 certificate, and was designated as the production base of special motors, has the ability to complete the motor type testing, and includes special environmental test requirements, complete testing means. Enterprise very focused on itself construction, in "quality seeking fine, business seeking Cheng" of business concept, in continued absorption both at home and abroad advanced enterprise management experience of based Shang, established has a for itself development of business management mode, and is focused on market develop and technology research, active advance "management, and technology, and brand" three large construction, strongly development market needed, and technology content high, and energy-saving environmental, and added value high of products, gradually achieved technology leading, equipment perfect, management advanced, quality reliable, and Service ahead of the enterprise development goals, we should have contributed to the revitalization of equipment manufacturing industry in China.

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